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The (birth) horoscope (The Radix - The Root) of a person is described as a drawing of the character.

Astrology is the tool to read character, disposition, strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities from the horoscope.


To create the birth chart, you need the place, date and time of birth.

Further astrological methods can be used to build on the building block of the natal chart.  

There are countless other methods in astrology.

Knowing about your personal horoscope can be an important aid in coping with difficult phases in life and in promoting your own personality.

This allows you to get to know each other a little better.

Basically, of course, as everywhere in life, personal responsibility applies.


Astrology shows a chance or direction, what we make of it, always remains our own decision! 

  • The solar (annual horoscope) describes the year from birthday to birthday; This is where the mood, topics and tasks of the year become visible.

  • The transit horoscope shows what the current constellation triggers in your natal chart and in which area they are effective. This is always about current events in combination with your horoscope.

  • The partnership horoscope describes the needs of the individual partners, the common basis, challenges, similarities and connections.

  • In addition to character traits, the children's horoscope also shows needs and the relationship with parents. Talents can be discovered here early.

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Katrin Stichauner

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